After their classes, Regis comments about the amount of elegance he felt from Rai, to which Seira agrees. Frankenstein believes that they don't know anything about him and Master, but is troubled to see them sitting in his office. Regis uses Mind Control once again and asks him to make arrangements for them to live at his house.

Frankenstein arrives home with Regis and Seira only to see Shinwoo, Ik-Han, Yuna, Suyi and Rai having a small party. Shinwoo questions Frankenstein about Regis and Seira being there to which he tells that they are the children of someone he knows and they will be staying with him for a while. They are all happy that there are going to be more students living with Rai. On the other hand, Regis is still amazed by Rai's mannerisms and etiquette. Ik-Han starts the introductions and they all introduce themselves. They tell Regis and Seira about Rai stating that he is also a transfer student and his real name is Cadis Etrama Di Raizel. The two of them are astounded and convinced that everything about Rai, including his name, is perfect.

Soon, M-21 arrives home. He sees Regis and Seira and asks Frankenstein about them. Frankenstein says that he will tell him about them though he won't answer his question to the full extent. While inside the hall, all the students are enjoying themselves.

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