Regis is sitting in class, troubled by the fact that they can't find any information regarding the recent incident. When Yuna sits with Seira to share books, Ik-Han comes and sits next to Regis to share books as well. He asks Regis if they can become friends. Regis believes that Ik-Han is only befriending him with the purpose of wanting to get closer to Seira. Surprisingly, Ik-Han asks him about his height and claims that since there is no one else of that height amongst his friends, he was curious. It is revealed that Ik-Han never had a crush on Seira but was glad to see someone of his height. Regis tells him that he must have nearly the same height as Ik-Han and Ik-Han is glad to hear that. Regis further claims that he doesn't care about something like height as that is inelegant.

At night, while Seira and Regis are walking down the street, they are stopped by a group of delinquents from another school. The delinquents start asking for their names and phone numbers but Regis and Seira ignore them and start walking away. They try to further stop them again but Shinwoo arrives and asks them why they are harassing his friends. One of them starts to attack but is stopped by another and told that they're facing the famous Han Shinwoo. He tries to provoke Shinwoo but Shinwoo tells him to confirm his doubts about his strength rather than talking about it. The delinquents back off threatening him. Shinwoo then asks Regis and Seira if they are okay and tells them that they should go home together as the others (his friends) would have already arrived at the Principal's house.

While continuing their walk, a group of delinquents including the ones from before call out to Shinwoo.

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