Seeing the delinquents, Shinwoo tells Regis to stand back and take care of Seira. The delinquents claim that if they knew that he was going to take his time going home, they could've taken their time too, to which Shinwoo sarcastically replies that they are good at running away and flocking together. One of them approaches Shinwoo and starts staring at him, asking if this weak, pretty boy is Han Shinwoo, telling the others that either they were fooled or the rumours must be lies.

He then starts staring at Regis and Seira and praises them for their hair colour and looks. He tells the others that the girl is his and asks Shinwoo to move out of the way. Seeing his friends getting harassed makes Shinwoo angry and he knocks out the delinquent with one punch. More guys attack but Shinwoo defeats all of them in an instant. The guys from before stand there watching and are terrified. Shinwoo goes to attack them but at the last moment M-21 arrives and tells him not to overdo it. Shinwoo warns the delinquents that if something like today happens again he won't forgive them. Seira picks up Shinwoo's bag and gives it to him to which he thanks her.

M-21 sees Shinwoo fight and wonders if his movements have improved because his body remembered the deadly fights against Jake and Infected. Regis heads towards M-21 and asks him what a modified human like him is doing in human society. He warns M-21 claiming he is no longer a human as he gave up humanity for sake of power.

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