M-21 is taking a stroll down the street when he is stopped by Regis and Seira. Regis has some questions to ask him but M-21 replies with sarcasm that he is not sure whether he has proper answers for such elegant people. Regis claims he has no interest in him and asks him if he knows anything about the recent incident at the hospital. M-21 wonders if he should tell them about the incident. He then tells them that a mentally deranged person is responsible for it. However, Regis doubts his answer and asks him to tell the truth. This time, M-21 retorts why he should even bother to answer their questions. Regis suspects that M-21 knows something. M-21 shocks him by stating that he knows the two of them are known as Noblesse. Regis then wonders how he could still be acting like that even after knowing their identity. At this, M-21 mockingly questions whether he is supposed to shake in fear. They return to the main topic and ask M-21 about the hospital incident once again. M-21 wants to know why they have been searching for information related to that incident. They explain that they want to find and eliminate the suspect. When M-21 tells them that the killer is already dead, Regis asks if the mutant is dead. This surprises M-21 and he tells them that there a mutant wasn't involved.

Seeing that M-21 knows about mutants as well as Noblesse, Regis deems it would be difficult to have a easy discussion and decides to use mind control. M-21 recognises it as one of M-24's abilities but at a much stronger level. He resists and finally blocks the power, much to the shock of Regis. He decides to get serious by fighting but Frankenstein arrives and tells them that they were late, so they came to look for them. He further asks what they will eat for dinner, to which Raizel promptly replies 'Ramen', shocking everyone present.

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