At home, Regis and M-21 keep arguing with each other during dinner. Frankenstein can't understand why are they acting like that in front of them. Regis tells M-21 that he won't hesitate to fight him but avoids using his powers. Frankenstein wonders if there are still Nobles who follow the old regulations of not hurting humans. While Regis and M-21 are fighting, Seira tries to copy Rai and eat Ramen after waiting for some time.

After dinner, Regis and M-21 keep up their bickering. Regis tells M-21, he doesn't believe him to which M-21 tells him that he has no intention of persuading him. Regis gets angry and releases his powers, but believing that humans might get hurt, he warns M-21 that he will kill him later. He then uses Mind Control on Frankenstein and Rai telling them to forget everything. Frankenstein smiles and says he will forget but Rai shows no reaction at all, making Regis wonder if it worked or not.

Elsewhere a base is attacked by the Union and all the survivors are killed. One soldier escapes and contacts the higher ups to inform them of the situation. He rejects back up as the enemy is the Union and tells them to increase their defences to the Highest Level 5. Soon he is killed by the enemy.

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