In a mountainous region, there is a huge fire and many researchers are lying dead. A group of people emerge from the fire. One of them, a fat guy, is sitting and eating his food. There is another guy, named Shark standing there insulting the security of the base, calling them weak. He claims he let one of them escape in order to make it more interesting. Their leader arrives and scolds Shark for his behaviour. He asks Tao for the details of the mission, who tells them that everything went according to plan but one researcher escaped. Tao is given 1 minute to find the target. They then discuss their next mission in Korea.

Tao tells them that the target is too far and claims they cannot catch him as he has reached the helicopter. They ask their last member, Takeo to carry out the task. Takeo is sitting in a helicopter and easily snipes the target researcher, thus completing their mission.

At Frankenstein's house Rai, Frankenstein and M-21 are standing on the balcony. M-21 wonders about why Regis and Seira held back earlier, as they're both quite strong and could easily defeat him. Frankenstein asks M-21 if their reason for coming was the incident at hospital. M-21 is surprised but Frankenstein tells him that they held back their powers as they thought of him and Rai as humans and didn't want to hurt them. Then Frankenstein tells Rai that he should leave as he has some experiments to complete. M-21 is scared as he thinks that they are talking about human experimentation, but is left shocked when Frankenstein tells Rai that he will make the perfect Ramen for him to eat.

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