Seeing Regis and Seira, M-21 hopes that they will pass by and that Hammer and Shark won't realise who they are. But Regis stops to ask him what is he doing there? Shark asks M-21 if he knows them, and that they should be killed in order to prevent witnesses. Regis provokes them by stating that enhanced humans who gave up humanity for power can't harm him. On asking, M-21 tells them that Regis and Seira are "Noblesse". He tells them that under Union guidelines they cannot fight them, but Shark claims that he met some "Noblesse" a year ago and defeated them.

He tells Regis that those "Noblesse" were a bunch of trash and begging for their lives. Regis retaliates by telling Shark that real "Noblesse" won't bow down to scum like him. He further insults Shark for his ugly hairstyle and Hammer for his overgrown belly asking them how can they live with such appearances. Shark attacks Regis with his knives but they are destroyed instantly. Both of them indulge in combat but they are able to easily dodge each other's attacks. Shark praises Regis who tells him that he doesn't want to be praised by him and they both attack each other. Before they can make any contact Kranz appears between them destroying the place. He asks Shark that no one gave him orders to fight, while Regis looks at his injured arm.

Kranz tells M-21 to come with them but is stopped by Regis. He asks M-21 if they are part of his mission, surprising M-21 who is confused as he betrayed the Union but they don't know about it. He decides to leave with DA-5. but it makes Regis angry as he believes that M-21 was lying to them and staying there just for the sake of his mission.

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