M-21 tells Kranz that he will assist DA-5 on one condition, that they find some information for him. Shark gets angry and attacks M-21 asking him why they would help someone like him. M-21 tells him that only he has the information they want to know. Shark attacks him again but is stopped by Kranz. Kranz tells him that he has now confirmed that M-21 has the information they need and that they can use different methods to find the information now. M-21 claims that he knows all about those drugs but he has nothing to lose as they were going to kill him anyway. He challenges them to test which is faster: their drugs or his suicide? Kranz agrees, but Shark tries to interfere. Kranz tells him that he has no authority to question his decisions.

M-21 tells them he wants information on himself and his friends who were modified in the experiment when they were first enhanced. Kranz replies that they don't have that information and the deal is off. He suggests that Tao can easily get the data from the Union database, to which Tao agrees. When Kranz asks him for his part of deal, M-21 tells him that he is hungry and wants something to eat. Shark is angry but Takeo and Tao are left laughing. Kranz tells Hammer to give him something but M-21 says that he wants to eat ramen, making everyone wonder what it is?

At home, Raizel is standing in front of the coffee machine but can't operate it. Regis asks him what is he doing but Rai walks away silently. Seira looks at a sheet of paper kept next to the coffee machine, which has instructions on 'How to prepare Coffee'.

Frankenstein meanwhile, reaches the ex-Union base. He sees some people with M-21, who is hurt. He turns around and apologises to Takeo for making him wait. Takeo tells him that he has decided to capture him alive rather than killing him and that he has not been waiting that long.

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