Shark recalls the conversation with M-21 regarding the information he wants in relation to his comrades. Krantz agreed with M-21's request whilst Shark was against it and when he tried to argue, he was reprimanded by Krantz. M-21 tells them that they've made the right decision and that they wouldn't have gotten any information otherwise. Back in the present, Hammer tells Shark not to worry as Krantz is also angry but is going along with this for the success of the mission. They discuss that Krantz doesn't even like talking to a low-level agent and M-21 will be killed by Krantz after all this ends. Shark wonders what they should do to pass their free time and decides to find the kids Takeo met. Hammer is surprised that Shark is doing stuff like that again but happily agrees to it.

Regis is hanging out with the children. As they walk down the street, Suyi asks Regis for Rai and Seira's whereabouts, to which he replies that Frankenstein took Seira to a place called a "Supermarket" for grocery shopping. They wonder why they don't see M-21 on duty nowadays, but Regis claims that he doesn't know anything about him. They all decide to go to Frankenstein's house, as they are free and the principal would love to see them, but Regis quietly replies out of earshot of the children, that he won't be happy. Soon Hammer and Shark appear on the rooftop of a nearby building and spot the children. Shark is surprised to learn that the kids who met up with Takeo and the one who met up with Tao are friends. Both of them are even more excited to see Regis with them. Regis suddenly feels a strong murderous energy and sees Shark and Hammer on top of a building.

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