Yuna and Suyi suddenly notice that Regis is missing from their group. After quietly leaving the children, Regis meets Shark and Hammer in an isolated area. Shark explains that Hammer has put a boundary around them and if anyone tries to interfere, they will fall asleep but complains that if he uses poison gas, the higher ups from the Union wouldn't be happy. He further tries to provoke Regis by insulting the Noblesse but Regis replies that he is very funny. Shark, gets furious and attacks but Regis blocks his attack easily, forcing Shark to fall back. Regis asks Shark how a weakling like him managed to defeat a Noblesse.

Shark tells Hammer not to interfere in this fight and that Regis is his target. Saying this, he attacks Regis at full power but Regis easily evades all of his attacks and finally decides to counter-attack. Shark is surprised by not being able to dodge the attack. He realizes that Regis is using Mind Control but still somehow avoids fatal injuries. Regis claims that his ability is not fully developed but he can easily defeat the likes of him. Seeing that Regis is finally going to finish off Shark, Hammer intervenes. When Regis attacks both of them, Hammer uses some explosives, but Regis easily evades them and attacks Hammer while using Mind Control. Shark interferes to save Hammer but is shocked when Hammer tells him that they should retreat. He states that they can't beat him in that situation and they can't risk their mission for an irrelevant fight. When Shark argues, Regis tells them that they can run away if they want because he doesn't attack enemies who are running away.

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