Shark is on the roof complaining to Hammer about his disgrace at losing to Regis, and soon enough, Regis and the children walk by. Regis and Shark make eye contact and quickly change location for a fight. This time, Shark has D with him and claims that the fight will be less disappointing than last time. After taking D, the now blue and empowered Shark lunges at Regis with a series of powerful slashes. Regis dodges them all and attempts to use Mind Control, which, to his surprise, does not work. Shark laughs and says that Regis is nothing without his Mind Control. Unknown to him, Regis had been holding back because he thought that Shark was a friend of M-21. The battle proceeds, and Regis, now to Sharks surprise, takes control of the fight. Just as Regis is about to strike a finishing blow, Hammer arrives and tells Regis to stop the fight. When Regis turns around, he sees the children unconscious on the ground and Hammer standing next to them.

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