Shinwoo and Ik-Han are the first to wake up and the girls wake up soon after. Shinwoo notices that the people around them are not ordinary people and wonders if they were kidnapped. Shark starts teasing the children when they start asking questions about who they are and why they've been brought there. Ik-Han notices Regis is injured and that he's been handcuffed. Shark scolds them for being noisy and tells them that Regis is just unconscious not dead. Ik-Han sees Tao and addressing him as 'Bro' asks him about what's going on. Shark, Hammer and Kranz start laughing at Tao being called 'Bro'. The girls ask Ik-Han if knows him. Ik-Han asks Tao if they brought him there. Shark claims that he was the one who brought them and it was a pain in the ass. When Shinwoo asks him the reason for doing so, Shark responds by kicking his face into the ground saying that he has no reason to tell him anything. Regis suddenly wakes up and complains that they are being so noisy that he can't even sleep. He claims that his injuries are nothing and questions if all Shark can do is attack defenceless children. Shark leaves Shinwoo and calls M-21 for further interrogation, but is left speechless when the children recognise M-21.

Elsewhere, Seira who is searching for Regis feels the connection restored as Regis has woken up. She finds his location and heads in that direction. Rai and Frankenstein are out looking for the children when suddenly Raizel puts his hand in his jacket pocket and takes out a portion of uncooked Ramen noodles and starts eating.

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