The children are surprised to see M-21 with their kidnappers and keep on asking why he's there. Shark asks M-21 if he knows them. M-21 who knows that they'll be in trouble if it's disclosed that he knows them, replies that they've met in passing but are not acquaintances. At this, the children are shocked but Regis approves and repeats the same words. M-21's plan backfires as Shark decides to kill the children since they are no longer of any use. Tao tries to convince Kranz to use memory-erasing drugs on them but fails. Kranz too, thinks they should get rid of the children. Overwhelmed at the joy of getting permission, Shark attacks Regis brutally. Unable to tolerate seeing that, Shinwoo lands a punch on the right side of Shark's face.

Hammer heads to the safe house to get some more food and meets Seira. Meanwhile, Raizel and Frankenstein visit the spot from where the children were kidnapped and find traces of a fight. Frankenstein suggests visiting the Union research facility. Rai is not in a good mood.

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