On her way to find Regis, Seira is blocked by Hammer. She asks him politely to stand aside but he refuses. Hammer underestimates her claiming that without their Mind Control, they are nothing and uses small bombs to get rid of her. But he realises soon enough that he was wrong as Seira proves to be even stronger than Regis, and easily injures Hammer.

Back at DA-5's headquarters, Shark gets angry after getting hit by Shinwoo and starts to attack him. M-21 tries to save the children by providing information in exchange for their lives, but Kranz refuses much to Shark's delight. Shinwoo receives blow after blow as he stands up for his friends. M-21 watches on, restraining himself from stepping in as this is his only chance to find out about him and his comrades. But his restraint gives way to his better self as he recalls all the good times he had with the children. He makes up his mind and transforms to attack Shark, who is surprised by the physical transformation.

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