Yuna and Suyi dress M-21's wounds while Regis gets up to fight. Shark takes his D and transforms but is no match for Regis. When Regis is about to finish off Shark, he is stopped by Kranz who orders Shark to step away and berates him for being so weak. Then Kranz himself steps in to battle Regis. According to Tao, Kranz is a monster whom even if the other members of DA-5 attack altogether, will not be able to defeat. His words prove to be true and despite Regis' speed and power as a noble, Kranz easily overpowers him.

Meanwhile, Takeo, posted on top of a nearby building, regrets never knowing that many innocent humans were killed just because he had contact with them and presently, the children are about to face the same fate. He is approached by Frankenstein and Raizel, the latter moving past him in the direction where the children are imprisoned. Takeo directs his gun at Rai but is confronted by an enraged Frankenstein, emanating a dark aura, with a menacing glint in his eyes, fixed on Takeo for daring to point a gun at his Master.

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