Takeo and Frankenstein continue their fight and the former observes that his opponent's aura has grown more violent and deadlier than before. So, Takeo consumes D to transform his abilities. Frankenstein takes on the transformed Takeo but finds him way more agile than before.

Meanwhile, Hammer can't keep up with Seira's  movements even after taking D and heads to the safe house where their weapons are kept. He crashes into the safe house and draws out a big bazooka, targeting an unarmed Seira. The shot is taken but Hammer is left in a stupor as Seira slices the huge bullet in half with her Death Scythe known as the, 'The Scythe Of The God Of Death' by humans. One swing of her Scythe and Hammer succumbs to death.

Regis is also fighting but Kranz proves to be a very strong opponent. He regrets getting beaten up before his coming of age ceremony, as he's not strong enough. He notices the children looking at him and continues to fight.

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