Regis doesn't stand a chance against Krantz and receives blow after blow. Shark, who isn't done with the children yet, draws nearer and M-21 stands up to him. But he is too weak and Shark stabs him with his blade. M-21 falls, bleeding profusely but hearing the children cry for him, relieves his pain. Regis attempts one last attack against Krantz with all the strength he has left. Though it has impact on Krantz's body, it fails to finish off his opponent. Krantz decides not to let the Noblesse live when suddenly Tao's sensors pick up an intruder alert. Tao calculates that they've about 15 to 20 minutes before the intruder comes and awaits orders from Krantz on what to do. While they wonder if it's another Noblesse, M-21 smirks as he knows who's coming. He speaks out to the newcomer that he's late. Rai enters the scene.

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