Frankenstein looks down at his defeated opponent and gets ready to finish him off. However, Takeo makes one last request, which is to save the children who got dragged into this mess because of him. He regrets not being able to apologise to them for putting them in danger. At this, Frankenstein changes his mind and lets Takeo live, telling him to apologise to the children personally.

Meanwhile, Raizel's Mind Control has compelled Kranz, Shark and Tao motionless. But Kranz manages to get hold of some D and takes it to break free from Rai's Mind Control. He charges at Rai and the impact of his blow creates a crater. However, to everyone's utter astonishment, Rai blocks it easily and tells Kranz to get lost. Rai's words send Kranz's body flying into the wall, with a massive impact. After recovering, Kranz commands Shark to take D and after he does so, Kranz absorbs his team mate for power! He then reveals that the real reason DA-5 was created, was so that he could absorb the powers of the other members in situations like this. He then proceeds to transform and sarcastically asks Rai if he'd like to continue from where they left off.

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