After absorbing Shark, Kranz tries attacking Rai, when his attacks fail to cause any damage, he turns to Tao to absorb him as well. Tao, well aware of the sole reason they were created, sees this as the fate of all modified humans and gets ready to obey Kranz's order, however, Ik-Han stops him. He doesn't want Tao to die. Kranz who is getting impatient by the delay, seizes Tao to absorb him without D. Ik-Han pleads with Raizel to save Tao who, unlike the others, tried to protect them. The other children support his request. Kranz tells them that they're making too much noise and decides to kill them. Tao slides and gets free, he binds Kranz with cords and shocks him with electricity. Kranz questions his motives and Tao tells him that the kids want to save him, so he can't let Kranz hurt them. However, Kranz is not to be taken lightly and one blow from him puts Tao in a bad state. Suddenly Rai commands him to 'Stop', this one word stupefies Kranz. Then Rai tells his friends that they don't need to beg him to do something for them. Shinwoo, Ik-Han, Yuna and Suyi are both relieved and overwhelmed to hear this. Drops of blood start to gather and Regis is startled to find it is the unique ability belonging solely to those who govern blood: Blood Field. Kranz finds himself surrounded by a whirlpool of blood. Frankenstein and Seira also feel the immense power and speed up. In a moment, the Blood Field disappears, engulfing Kranz within while the others are left to gape at what they've just witnessed. Regis, wonders at the immense energy emanating from Rai, as he has only ever felt a similar energy once before and that was from the ruler of the Nobles - the Lord!

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