A series of flashbacks from Dr. Crombel's memory of his younger days reveal the beginning of human modification within the Union. It was 540 years ago that the Union came across a research journal while excavating ruins. Due to the information within, the Union developed human modification technology very rapidly. They searched for other similar material but failed to find any. 130 years ago, Crombel chanced upon an interesting book in an antique shop. It was a research journal on human modification, more valuable than the one found by the Union. Ever since that time, he has kept it for himself, keeping its existence a secret. It's been the key to his promotion to a senior position, within the Union. Even to this day, he wonders what a genius the owner of the journal must've been, coming up with such advanced ideas hundreds of years ago. The only clue he has about the owner, is the letter "F" which was written on both journals. He assumes it must be the initial of the author. If only the guy were in front of him, he would have showered him with praise. As Dr. Crombel enjoys the nostalgic feeling around him, when he is told by one of his subordinates that DA-5 has been annihilated. Hearing this, he suspects Frankenstein to be behind the incident. The more he thinks about that blond guy, the more he is amused. Both his identity and potential as experiment excites him. Furthermore, he assumes M-21 to be with Frankenstein as well. The loss of DA-5 is a shame but since they were sent to investigate him, he is eager to see their sender’s disappointment.

At Frankenstein's house, the children are helping themselves to snacks and junk food where Tao] is introduced as the hacker Ik-Han met and Takeo as his cousin. Takeo, who is a beginner at speaking Korean (taught by Tao), tries to genuinely praise Yuna and Suyi but ends up talking crass. Regis stops him and Tao explains what he has just said to cause such an uncomfortable atmosphere. Takeo trembles in regret. Yuna and Suyi comment to Seira that she is a very lucky woman to stay in a house full of handsome men. Seira, however, looks at each of the guys and concludes M-21, Takeo and Tao to be too young; Frankenstein as the housekeeping teacher; Raizel, too elegant to place anywhere and Regis, a kid to babysit.

Meanwhile, a young woman, a man wearing glasses and two other giant bodyguards have arrived at the spot where DA-5 were terminated. The woman is none other than Dr. Aris, the creator of the DA-5.

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