Dr. Aris is looking through her computer database wondering which experiment to perform on Frankenstein. She rules out a number of experiments that would make him weak, change his appearance or shorten his life span. Frankenstein meanwhile stays motionless observing everything. Aris gets up and hugs Frankenstein telling him to wait a bit longer and she'll find an experiment worthy of his beauty. Yuri returns and Aris enquires if he found anything. Yuri discloses that he followed the leads but couldn't find anything, since the enemy covered their tracks perfectly. Yuri mentions that even the memory chips they embedded in DA-5 are gone, and that the cells show they all died within a six hour period of each other. Yuri continues that although all the members of DA-5 were dead, the report went on for days and that the enemy must've known about them, so they tried to distract them. Aris states that Crombel must be behind this, since that's who they were investigating. Yuri confirms it's possible, but there are other possibilities and that he will report back later when he knows for certain.

At Frankenstein's residence, everyone is wondering where Frankenstein is, since two days have passed without them hearing anything. Tao bursts in and tells Takeo they have a problem. Tao reveals that the Union have come to investigate the annihilation of the DA-5 as expected however, what they weren't expecting is that Dr. Aris herself and Yuri would come to investigate. According to Tao, Dr. Aris is one of the few scientists who could complete with Crombel, but the person they should really be worried about is: Yuri. He is the man who deals with everything efficiently and his ever-smiling, unrealistic façade gives off an intimidating aura. Furthermore, Tao has found that the CCTV en route from supermarket has been tampered with, which suggests that Frankenstein might have been kidnapped. The shocking news even affects Raizel who takes out his phone ready for action.

Dr. Aris and Yuri deliberate on the problems they're having investigating since all the evidence has been perfectly destroyed. A sudden sound interrupts their conversation as Frankenstein takes his phone out to look at the message he's just received. It's a message from his Master saying: "Ramen". Frankenstein smiles saying he got a text and tries to pass it off as nothing and tells Dr. Aris and Yuri to continue their conversation.

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