The team suspect that Frankenstein is being held captive by Dr. Aris and M-21 thinks he should help even though his abilities are minimal. Takeo and Tao want to join as well since it's because of them that Aris has come. Regis wants to come along too but M-21 reminds him that there is supposed to be a treaty between the Noblesse and the Union. Since the woman concerned is a high-ranking person within the Union, it would be best for the Nobles to stay out of unnecessary actions. Regis, despite of M-21's annoying smirk, cannot help but admit he's got a point. However, Tao is worried if the three of them will be able to bring Aris down. To everyone's surprise, M-21 tells them that there is one more person who'll be joining them to look for Frankenstein, at this Rai stands up.

The unexpected phone incident has forced Frankenstein to speak up. While Yuri wonders how an ordinary human could break free from his control, Dr. Aris is pretty happy hearing the wonderful voice and staring at the beautiful smile of her souvenir. Frankenstein is intelligent enough to understand that he is not allowed to receive outside calls, try to make outside contact or step outside the room. However, to Aris' dismay, Frankenstein says he cannot obey those orders as there is someone waiting for him. Ignoring Aris' command, he steps out of the room. In a split-second, Aris' playful expression is replaced with a horrible grimace as she orders Yuri to tear off Frankenstein's leg.

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