A misunderstanding arises as Takeo leaves M-21 and Rai behind and rushes towards the battle field, surprisingly to protect Dr. Aris. He calls her Teira revealing that she is his little sister.

Frankenstein tries to clear the misconception by telling him what he has heard over the last two days while he was with that woman and that Aris had come for the sole reason of investigating the annihilation of DA-5. Also pointing out that Takeo's sister couldn't be that strong in combat. As Takeo considers what Frankenstein said, Aris suddenly attacks him from behind.

Seeing that her made-up brother won't be able to protect her, she decides to absorb his energy to escape. The purpose of DA-5's creation was to serve as an energy source for Aris. It was planned that all the members would be absorbed by Krantz who will in turn be absorbed by Aris. Furthermore, the whole concept of Takeo's sister, Teira, was created by Aris just for her own personal enjoyment.

At this, Takeo urges Frankenstein to kill them both when Aris finds the pill made by Frankenstein and mistakes it for D. She takes the pill which provides her with incalculable power, enough to crush anyone. However, within a few seconds, the power destroys her body and she falls to the ground, exclaiming that it tasted like strawberries. The others watch with astonishment in utter silence.

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