An elderly, silver-haired, man arrives on Ye Ran High School's premises. He has come to verify the report made by Seira and Regis about the unidentified Nobles. He happens to come across Takeo, Tao and M-21 and mistakes them for people who have given up humanity in order to obtain power. He wonders what beings like them would be doing in a place for children. During class, both Seira and Regis feel the presence of a Noble and go to check it out. They arrive just in time to see the man facing the trio. Regis is surprised to see his family leader (Note: It the Korean version, Regis addresses the visitor as Gaju which is an honorific used for addressing the head of the family or family leader) and tells the trio to leave immediately.

Even more surprises await them, when the man is brought home by Regis and Seira. There, he meets Frankenstein and from their encounter, it is clear that the two know each other as the latter addresses him by his full name: Gejutel K. Landegre. Wishing to have a private conversation, they dismiss the other members of the household. Gejutel wonders why the children (Seira and Regis) are staying with Frankenstein, displaying his mistrust in the latter. He further asks if Frankenstein is still looking for his Master. The negative reply astounds him but Frankenstein clears the misconception by saying that he doesn't need to look for his Master hinting that he's been found. To prove his word, Raizel emerges, addressing Gejutel who answers the call with due respect, gazing upon the true Noblesse after a long time.

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