The children have settled down to eat while Tao keeps them company, Seira does the cooking and serving, M-21 and Takeo are washing dishes, Regis watches the mess he has to clean pile up and Frankenstein frets over the mess they're creating. Observing this, Gejutel remarks that Frankenstein is a very frightening person who has brainwashed the Nobles as well as the modified humans into working for him. He thinks back to an earlier conversation with Rai, where Rai stated that he'd rather stay here, than go back to the land of Nobles.

At the dinner table, the household sit while Ramen made by Frankenstein is served. Gejutel looks at it and comments that it the food has 'no class'. After Frankenstein informs him that it's his Master's favorite dish, he finds himself in quite an awful position. Moments of palpitation pass and Gejutel tries to bring back his shot arrow by remarking that the food is 'full of class'. The others wonder why Gejutel, who is a high ranking Noble, is behaving like that in front of Rai and Frankenstein and who they really are?

It's time for Gejutel to leave and he has some words with Regis and Seira in private, telling them that they should act according to what they believe is correct and that they can trust Rai. Meanwhile, the Lord awaits his arrival in Lukedonia.

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