Gejutel's exceptional behavior and departure has left his grandson to wonder about the identities of Rai and Frankenstein now more than ever. Frankenstein and his Master deliberate on what Gejutel might report to the Lord. It is certain that he'd keep Rai's presence a secret, but Rai is worried that the day of his return might be sooner than expected.

At the palace of the Nobles, Gejutel reports to the Lord that Seira and Regis mistook a human executive with man-made human associates for Noblesse. At this, the Lord wants to read his mind which is a deviation from the previous Lord's ideals as reading a clan leader's mind was considered disrespectful. Though startled, Gejutel consents and so the Lord dismisses him without reading his mind. Later she orders Rajak to bring Seira to her without Gejutel's knowledge.

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