The new blond guy in town, pays a visit to Ye Ran High School. He releases his aura at a level that cannot be perceived by human senses. But the other beings (except Rai and Frankenstein) answer the summons. M-21, Takeo and Tao arrive first. Realizing they are modified humans, the new visitor shows signs of disgust and does nothing to hide his detest. He uses M-21 as his first pincushion, stabbing him suddenly from behind. Tao rushes to aid his injured friend but in vain. Just when their strong opponent is about to get rid of what he calls 'man-made toys', Seira and Regis appear. They seem to know each other. It is revealed that the visitor is a Noble by the name of Rael who has recently been set free after a 10 year probation, which also coincides with the timing of his proposal to Seira.

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