Coming back after 10 years of confinement, Rael finds that Seira's reply remains unchanged, and refuses his proposal. Rael and Regis get into a debate about whether or not all humans are like those who killed Regis' parents and wiped out Seira's clan. The argument heats up causing Seira to step in once more. Rael leaves stating that he'll wait while until Seira considers leaving with him.

Back at house, the trio ask Regis about Rael. Rael is a Pureblood Noble and is over 500 years in age, more than double that of Regis and Seira. Rai and Frankenstein join the conversation and find out about the new visitor. Frankenstein notices M-21's injury and on enquiring finds that the Pureblood Noble attacked him without reason on school premises. This enrages him but he recovers as Rai calls out his name. This time, however, his Master wants him to 'meet' the troublemaker personally.

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