Rael is standing on top of a building, noting how fast humans and their civilization has progressed. He eventually concludes to himself that their development is the result of trying to satisfy their greed for power, and still sees the humans as filthy, inferior creatures to Nobles.

At Frankenstein's house, Regis deliberates on Rael's intention of using Seira to become a clan leader and step out of his brother's shadow. Seira assures him with a calm pat on head that she won't go back with Rael. Meanwhile, Frankenstein finishes a full check-up and comments on M-21's restorative powers as his wound from the last battle with Rael has almost completely healed. However, M-21 shows detest at this stability which verifies that Crombel was successful in turning him into a monster. Frankenstein clears up this misconception and explains that M-21's real powers were awakened by his Master. It occurred when Rai took M-21's blood to save him. It wasn't a complete awakening, rather help to awaken himself. Frankenstein adds, with a menacing dark aura, that the stability of his powers is the result of Frankenstein looking after him and giving credit to Crombel is offensive and not a mistake M-21 should repeat.

After the check-up, Frankenstein sees Takeo and Tao in the living room, waiting for him. They try to ask him to talk in another room, conscious of Rai's presence, but Frankenstein tells them that his Master should know. They ask him to give them stronger powers so that they can protect their comrades. They have developed the feeling of comradeship for M-21 and they are ready to go through any experiments. Frankenstein (allured by the offer of experimenting), asks his Master's consent who recalls that his follower did not always wait for his permission.

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