At Frankenstein's lab, Frankenstein explains to Takeo and Tao how powerful the Nobles are in order to reduce their inferiority complex after fighting Rael. Nobles are the longest living race on earth. Even the Union, the oldest human organization, would be incomparable in terms of Noble power. The unique abilities of mind control and long lives make it hard to oppose them. Rael, who is over 500 years old, is an adult Noble who has realized his full powers. So, it is but only natural that there is a huge power difference between him, Takeo and Tao who didn't even fight with their specialized weaponry. Also they have yet to realize their full potentials. Apart from that, the location also plays a vital role in influencing the combat, the school ground, they had to be careful not to use much power. It's like fighting the worst possible opponent, in the worst possible way at the worst possible place. But from now, Frankenstein, himself, will look after their physical condition and the two have no other option but to agree to whatever he says.

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