All the clan leaders except Seira have assembled and are waiting for the Lord to come, discussing between themselves the possible reasons for summoning them shortly after the recent 500th anniversary of the previous Lord's departure. One of them mentions Seira's return which leaves Gejutel dumbfounded. But the matter is not discussed further as the Lord enters and calls for Rael who brings Seira along with him. Everyone is startled because no one, apart from the clan leaders, can join the meeting. The Lord, then, asks Seira to speak but Seira does not obey. So, she asks Rael to report and Rael informs her that during the mission he had a battle against man-made humans and a problematic unidentified person who happens to be connected with the man-made humans. Rael also lets out that Seira and Regis have been staying with that person. This enrages the Lord and she emits a terrible aura making the place rumble. Then Gejutel answers for Seira and the Lord accuses him of treachery. A young clan leader tells her that Gejutel is well-known for his loyalty from the reign of the previous Lord. However, the Lord reminds them that the trust of her father did no good as previous Noble clan leaders took the chance to betray them all after he entered Eternal Sleep. She clearly announces that she suspects Gejutel of the same.

Meanwhile, M-21, Takeo and Tao are seen sitting in the luggage compartment of the plane they managed to sneak onto. It is a private plane belonging to Frankenstein carrying its passengers to Lukedonia. Reaching the skies of Lukedonia, Frankenstein announces that they (Rai, Regis and Frankenstein) will jump from the plane. However, Takeo, Tao and M-21 do not know what's going on and so remain with the plane as it heads for a crash landing.