After the meeting with the the Lord, four clan leaders remain behind to discuss the situation regarding Gejutel and Seira. They agree that Gejutel was known even among their predecessors to be trustworthy, however, they do admit that lying to the Lord is a serious crime. As for Seira, the white haired Noble comments that she would do anything to protect Gejutel, even if it means taking all the blame. An interruption occurs as a messenger comes and tells Ludis that a plane has crashed near their territory and three human survivors were found who are being moved for treatment. Meanwhile, in their dream, Takeo, Tao and M-21 recall how Tao found out about Frankenstein's plane as M-21 mentioned their departure. Tao also takes a look at the journals Frankenstein has left for them containing ample information on experiments, weapons, hide-outs, etc. Suddenly they remember that they did not get their monthly salary and wake up with a loud scream to find themselves in hospital beds. A doctor is present and he answers their enquiry of their whereabouts knowing that they will have their memories erased soon enough. They have arrived in Lukedonia which is otherwise known as Bermuda Triangle. With a jolt, the trio remember the plane crash and why they are there. Then two men in black robes enter and uses mind control on them confidently. However, it appears that it hasn't worked as Tao makes up false story to answer their questions, saying that there was nobody else with them. The doctor and the others believe it to be true and leave them quietly. Meanwhile, Rai, Frankenstein and Regis walk through the jungle after the jump from the plane. Frankenstein asks his Master where they should head to first. Rai tells him that he has to get something from the mansion. So, they head towards the mansion Rai has mentioned.