After walking through the forest for quite a while, Rai, Frankenstein and Regis arrive at a certain place dominated by a hilly backdrop. Regis can't believe that they are actually heading towards The Forbidden Region a place off limits even to the clan leaders. Frankenstein seems a little surprised upon learning the current identity of the place but otherwise it doesn't bother them at all. Soon they find two guards of the Central Order in front of the region who interrogate Regis and ask him why he has come. Frankenstein and Rai pass the two guards and when one of them says that if they take another step, they won't be forgiven. This irritates Frankenstein and before the situation escalates, Regis attacks the guards from behind and knocks them unconscious. They march forward and as they walk, Frankenstein relates to Regis that his Master and he used to live there long ago. Now that the landlord has returned, no-one has the authority to hinder them from entering. Then Frankenstein kneels and does something on the ground. At once, the hilly backdrop changes into a huge mansion. With this Frankenstein announces to his Master that they have arrived home. Meanwhile, the Central Order reports to Ludis that there are intruders in the Forbidden Region. Ludis connects this incident to the plane crash and the humans. With all the commotion going on, Takeo, Tao and M-21 realize that something must have gone wrong and the place is no longer safe for them. Suddenly the two Central Order men from earlier pay them a visit to check if they are there. Seeing that they are behaving themselves, one of them concludes that they are not the intruders of the forbidden region. Still, he uses mind control to err on the side of caution and within seconds, both of them are unconscious as Tao gives them shock therapy! After that, they change into their uniforms fast and set off for their destination: The Forbidden Region. Meanwhile, at the mansion, Rai is standing alone with a box in his hand. He opens it. A shining cross laying against red velvet is displayed which he caresses gently with his fingers and a tender but serious expression decorates his face.