Regis continues his sneak attack on the Central Order Knights. Panting heavily, he realizes that the task is getting harder as the Central Order are changing their tactics and attacking in groups. But there is no time to lose and so Regis gets back to work.

Rael has been thinking about what Gejutel said. Rael is suspicious that he might have guessed something about his secret soul weapon. His trail of thought is suddenly disturbed by dashing footsteps. He stops the guards and enquires about what is going on. They inform him that intruders have appeared in the forbidden area.

Inside the chamber, the clan leaders assemble to discuss the issue. Ludis informs them that the incident is linked with the plane crash as the trio are missing from the hospital and he has allowed the Central Order to take stronger measures in dealing with the intruders. But he has called the Lord for her permission to send in more Knights. The blond clan leader states that the forbidden area is nothing but a jungle from what he has heard so far. The red-haired woman then asks Kei about the forbidden area. Kei recalls what he has heard from his previous clan leader, that someone used to live in the forbidden area long ago. Hearing this new information, everyone is awestruck. Then, the Lord enters. Taking her seat, she asks Ludis why he has called her. Ludis tells her about the intruders. At this, the Lord is enraged and her wrath is enough to make the entire palace rumble.

In the forbidden region, Regis is getting tired out fighting alone, and things aren't getting any easier, with more Knights appearing by the second. To make matters worse, he finds himself cornered and receives a blow to the head. With blood trickling down his face, he thinks that he's done for when he hears voices coming from every direction. Regis knows those voices as they proceed to introduce themselves to the Central Order as the RK-4. First, No. 2 shows up with his gigantic weapon case, showering bullets on the surrounding Knights. Then comes No. 4 makes his entrance, slashing his opponents. Finally, Tao introduces himself as No. 1 and treats the central order troop to his shock therapy. All of them have come to join and help their comrade No.3 who is none other than Regis.

While all of this is going on, Rai is sitting in a chair at his mansion with Frankenstein by his side. He has returned to his original home after a long time but the atmosphere is more cold than cozy.