Rai and Frankenstein look at the magnificent sword, wondering why the previous Lord has left it there knowing Rai won't be able to use it.

Back in the time of the previous Lord, he had wished Raizel to be his successor but no matter how many times he asked, Rai always declined. He had also wanted Rai to have his soul weapon, if not for using then just as decorative item. But Rai declined that as well. However, the Lord was not someone who would give up that easily. He had another plan. And after 820 years, Rai discovers what the previous Lord's plan was, to hide the soul weapon inside Rai's sanctuary and make the area forbidden so no one else can take it.

Rai decides that he will remove the sword as there's nothing else he can do now. Suddenly a red glow emanates from the sword and an imprint of the previous Lord appears before Rai and Frankenstein. Rai manages to retain his composure while Frankenstein is clearly startled. He speaks to Rai saying that even though it's just a message, he wanted to see him one last time. He is disappointed that Rai didn't visit his grave first but now that Rai has come here, he just wants to tell him that he is glad that Rai is safe. At this, the message ends and the previous Lord's imprint disappears.

Meanwhile, Regis is keen to know about the RK-4. Tao explains that it stands for Raizel Knights and he, being the founder, is No.1. Takeo is No.2 because both of them have been together for a long time. M-21 is the last one as he didn't want to join. Regis was given No.3 because that was the only number left. Then Rai and Frankenstein enter the room. Tao lets them know about something he overheard while the Central Order guards were talking. It's about Seira and Gejutel being in trouble. Everyone is shocked to hear the news.

Meanwhile, the Lord asks Gejutel again to tell the truth. Gejutel stands firm in his decision not to say anything. Then the Lord makes an extreme decision in front of all the clan leaders except Seira, she strips him of his clan leader title and sentences him to forced eternal sleep.

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