The commotion in the prison causes one of the clan leaders to check it out. Seira is forced to halt as she faces one of them. Dead ahead in Seira's way is Rozaria who has willfully taken the liberty of coming instead of Karias. She asks Seira why she has left the room of discipline and her further intention. Seira tells her that she's going to meet Gejutel and stop his forced eternal sleep. Rozaria asks how she has come to know about all this. After knowing that it's Rael who has taken the initiative to pass the message, she warns Seira that her every movement is watched by the Lord. She also advises her to turn back but Seira declines. At this, Rozaria thinks it best to fight as words won't do. So, the duel begins.

Meanwhile, Regis is also on his way to his grandfather and faces the same fate as Seira; only it's the Central Order not a clan leader blocking his way. He is surprised to hear that they know his identity even though his face is concealed. Knowing that it won't do any good to Gejutel and Seira if he gets exposed, he decides to hide his true identity by denying that he is Regis. He introduces himself as No.3 of the RK-4. Just as he does that, he finds that he is not alone but his new teammates have also followed him by the earpiece transmitter put inside his left pocket by Tao. Tao welcomes the official inclusion of No.3 in the team and tells him to run. A bemused Regis stands still for a while and when he moves he finds it hard to make his getaway. It is then that M-21 enters the scene and suggests that they should get going. Tao and Takeo cover their back while they dash across the forest of the forbidden area. Tao uses the sonar receptors to locate the enemy and informs the other two about their way. With obstacles ahead, M-21 tells Regis to save his energy for a full-recovery and jumps into action.

However, they have no idea that they have to confront an old nemesis soon enough. Rael is on his way to seize the opportunity of getting Seira in this rather disadvantageous position of both Landegre and Loyard clan by making his mark in capturing Regis.

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