Tao warns M-21 and Regis about someone approaching them at an incredible speed.

They don't have to wait long to find out who it is as the person presents himself in front of them within seconds, and is none other than Rael. He conveys his greetings with crude remarks about the modified humans accompanying Regis and so calling him as well as his clan conspirators. Regis cannot tolerate this but Rael has more cards to play. He declares to Regis in an ironic tone the fate of his Clan Leader: forced eternal sleep which is ordered by the Lord herself. This momentarily paralyses Regis, throwing him off guard and allowing Rael to make his move with murderous intentions. However, M-21 stops him. With Takeo backing him up, M-21 also prevents Rael's next move. He, then, tells Regis to go on and verify Rael's news for himself and leave Rael to them. At this, Rael is infuriated and M-21 finds himself facing an opponent who's no less than a monster.

Meanwhile, in the palace, the Lord receives report of Seira's escape (while the duel between Seira and Rozaria continues). Hearing this, the Lord gets more suspicious and sends for Gejutel. When he arrives, she tells him that the reappearance of the mansion and Gejutel's strange behavior, which started after his return from the human world, have made her suspicious. She then asks Gejutel if the one whom Seira has mistaken for a noble in the human world is HIM. Gejutel replies that the person is indeed the ONE whom the previous Lord wished to have as his successor!