Everyone is stupefied hearing that there could really be someone else whom the previous Lord wanted as his heir, The Lord is enraged at Gejutel for having said this but she knows and so does Gejutel that it is the bitter truth. Although none but the one who has the same flesh and blood as the Lord's can succeed the throne, her father wished otherwise. She accuses her dead father for being erroneous and so betrayed by the ones he trusted. She also thinks that the one who has led the betrayal is none other than Him. Furious with agony at Gejutel for covering the leader traitor and using Seira and Regis to do the same, the Lord orders Kei to lock Gejutel in the Room of Discipline, bind his arms to seal his powers and guard him personally. She, then, tells Ludis to withdraw the Central Order forces and sends Rajak and Karias to capture the enemy. Furthermore she orders Rozaria to bring Seira immediately. Rozaria summons her soul weapon: Blood Witch. Both Seira and she starts to fight seriously.

Meanwhile, Rajak and Karias are on their way to encounter someone whom they might have served instead. Karias seems worried about having to fight someone who had the recognition of the previous Lord. However, Rajak is not the least worried. According to him, they owe their allegiance to the current Lord, not the previous one. So, they should do what they are bidden to. This pulls out Karias from the mental dilemma he has been facing. Suddenly, they spot Regis. Karias stays back to meet him alone rather than leaving Rajak who might kill the boy. So Rajak goes on ahead. Meanwhile, Rai and Frankenstein are following the traces of Regis. They find out that M-21, Tao and Takeo has also gone with him. Frankenstein wants to know if his master is pleased because he wanted them to live on their free will. Rai's face shows that he is worried about them. At this, Frankenstein mentions that he has given them special attention (experimented on them). But Rai states that this makes him even more worried.

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