Regis is stopped by Karias who says in a polite tone that to meet him thus in current circumstance is unfortunate. Regis is surprised to know from him that the Lord has sent two clan leaders to deal with the turmoil going on in the forbidden area. Then Karias gets to the subject of Gejutel. His conversation with Regis regarding the current affairs of treason and death sentence of Gejutel reveals the fact that Regis has no idea about the on going matters. Karias pities Regis and advises him to go into hiding so that he does not have to face the same fate as his clan leader. But Regis does not intend to do so. His pride makes him decide to go to the palace, save his grandfather and face the Lord to clear up the misunderstanding himself. At this, Karias is left with no other choice than to fight. Regis is worried 'cause he knows that he is no match for the other. But his opponent is considerate enough to give him a chance. Karias offers that if Regis can at least manage to hit him once, he will let him pass by and take him to Gejutel personally. Regis can't let go of this opportunity and agrees. He flash steps to attack but Karias doesn't even need to avoid. He simply kicks him off and tells him to give it all out or die. Meanwhile, another battle is going on between the RK-4 and Rael. The latter is confused how M-21 is finding about his next move and the constant shower of Takeo's bullets are making it hard for him to attack. Tao's predictions are aiding M-21 to survive the battle but he knows it well that it's not gonna hold Rael off for long. So, Tao tells M-21 to start 'it'. M-21 is considerably good at this special technique and starts to provoke Rael. He even mentions the age difference and doesn't miss the chance to call Rael "grandpa". This snaps the thread of Rael's limit of patience. He disregards Takeo's bullets and rushes to attack M-21. Takeo hits him with his special bullets and slows him down while M-21 brings on a powerful attack. As the smoke clears, however, there stands a scarred Rael with torn clothes and a monster raging in him. Rael summons his soul weapon as M-21 awaits his fate.

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