Regis makes several attempts to hit Karias but their power level difference is way too much for him to succeed. Karias again advises him to go away from Lukedonia and save himself. Regis, however, refuses to do such thing. He tells that he knows how much Karias-nim cares for him. If he runs away, he will not be eligible for Karias' affection anymore. As a noble, he must face whatever situation comes in his way. There is one more reason for which he must not run away and that is for the three (Tao, Takeo and M-21) who have risked their lives for him. Regis makes his last attack with all the power he has left but Karias easily blocks it. Then Karias catches Regis as he collapses into his arm. While Karias gets emotional Regis gently taps him with his closed fist and reminds Karias to keep his promise. Karias recalls what he has promised and comments that Regis has changed after his visit to the human world. In the meantime, M-21 is facing all the rage of a maddened Rael who is now attacking with Grandia. Tao's predictions don't work anymore as all of Rael's abilities have had a boost up. Not being able to tolerate watching M-21 getting slashed and blood-soaked, Tao and Takeo takes the T-2 given by Frankenstein.