Rael slashes away with his soul weapon and M-21 collapses on the ground. To add one more act of cruelty, Rael makes a crushing step on M-21's head. He is interrupted by Tao and Takeo who arrive to save their comrade. But they realize that even with the help of the T-2 pills they have taken, they are no match for Rael with his Grandia. However, they try their best. Rael realizes that the powers of his opponents have increased. This makes him decide to dispose of them fast. He attacks and when he is about to finish them off, M-21 attacks from behind. At this, Rael slashes him in the chest and M-21 falls again. Even in his collapsed state, M-21 tells Rael that he is nowhere near a pureblood noble while Regis is a true noble. This infuriates Rael to the utmost but a windy aura of another person petrifies him. It's none other than his brother. Rajak has seen him holding the soul weapon. Rael stammers to come up with a story but Rajak simply tells that he'll deal with him after he has done with the enemies. All the eyes fix on two more newcomers in the scene: Rai and Frankenstein.

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