Seira, being determined to bring the battle to an end, strikes with all the power she has but Rozaria is just too strong for her. After Seira is left with no more energy to fight, Rozaria asks Seira to come with her to the Lord.

The scene shifts to another battlefield where Rai and Frankenstein has just entered. Looking at the badly injured trio (Takeo, Tao, and M-21), Frankenstein gives of a relieved smile and comments that it's fortunate for them to be still alive. Rael, although surprised to see the blond guy, decides to take care of the situation himself. Rael reminds Frankenstein of the warning that their next meeting would bring death on Frankenstein. Rai gives off an intimidating feeling that makes Rael flinch. Frankenstein tells his master to go on ahead and leave all these to him. Reminding Frankenstein the fact that his opponent this time is the Kertia clan leader, Rai tells him not to hold back and even removes the seal binding his powers. At this, a broad grin appears on Frankenstein's face as well as the emission of dark aura from his body. He requests his master to hurry or the full moon will set with the coming of dawn. Rajak blocks Rai's way but Rai simply walks past him. At this, Rajak cannot take it in that he, the leader of the Kertia Clan is overstepped. Rai comments it is a pity that the previous Kertia clan leader, who used to prove his virtue in silence unfailingly, is gone. Suddenly, Rael lets out a groan of pain after he is struck by Frankenstein's spears when he tries for a sneak attack. With this fraction of a moment's distraction, Rai vanishes.

Frankenstein rebukes Rael of his carelessness. He also says that when it comes to real battles, he is more experienced, having fought their father as well as many others. At this, Rajak steps in while telling his younger brother to keep away from the fight. Rajak then shows proper courtesy to his opponent by bringing out his soul weapon, Kartas. His aura completely vanishes and Frankenstein is impressed on Rajak's control over the soul weapon. He comments that it is truly befitting of an assassin to hide his aura and be discreet. He also says that the previous clan leader need not worry about his successor at all. Saying this, he summons his own weapon and tells the trio to stand back. Rajak does the same to his brother. However, Rael still cannot believe that the blond guy is powerful enough for his brother to acknowledge him. As the four injured fighters stare in awe, as the battle between two powerful warriors is under way.

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