On the summit of a flight of steps inside the innermost part of the castle, the Lord is standing in front of a crystal casket. Fixing her eyes on her father's coffin, she speaks mutely about the return of 'that person'. Despite knowing that her father would have opposed to her fighting him, she resolves to do so. She promises to protect the nobles with her own hands. Taking the resolution she orders Ludis, who has been standing at the base, to bring Gejutel so that she can force him into eternal sleep.

Meanwhile, the battle between Rajak and Frankenstein is getting more serious by the second. Both the fighters are giving all they've got. Seeing that it's impossible to win by sheer strength, Rajak blends with the surrounding hiding his aura. This leaves Frankenstein pondering where his opponent might be. At this, Rael smirks and thinks that the fight is over now that his brother is using that technique. Frankenstein will die without knowing when and where the attack has come from. Rael's assumptions are half-right as Frankenstein's body gets scarred and slashed by countless attacks coming from nowhere. But Frankenstein seems to enjoy all that. He lets out a massive blast of spears piercing everything surrounding him. The spectators step back to save themselves and much to Rael's surprise, his brother is revealed. The trio, seeing the violence, can't believe that they had tried to fight that monstrous person (Frankenstein) before. Frankenstein warns Rajak that even his predecessor could use that move only once in front of him. At this, Rajak creates a dozen of doppelgangers and goes for an all out attack. Frankenstein hits them but something is wrong~ his weapon has started to act now of all times. It is trying to engulf its own master again.

Unexpectedly, at the same moment, Rael makes a stealthy attack on the trio. Frankenstein is just on time to save them but it costs him a lot of blood as he receives fatal blows from Rajak. A little pause follows as Rajak picks up his brother and scolds him for interfering. He also apologizes to Frankenstein as the diversion caused by Rael has allowed him to get those blows. Saying this, he slashes himself with Kartas in order to compensate for what Rael's underhanded tactics have caused. Rajak does this because he is the Kertia Clan leader, the one responsible for the whole clan and he doesn't approve of any act that might disgrace their family. Furthermore, he reminds Rael that even though their clan specializes in stealth, it doesn't mean that they resort to foul play. At this, Frankenstein comments with a tone of satisfaction and suggests seeing this fight to the end.

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