The battle between Frankenstein and Rajak comes to a conclusion as Frankenstein regains his senses from the savage self after stabbing Rajak's chest with his Dark Spear, satisfying the thing inside it with Rajak's blood. A concerned Rael offers his Grandia to Rajak in order to fuse his soul weapon to become more powerful. However, Rajak refuses because their father decided to give half the soul weapon to Rael and he should not give it up so easily.

Meanwhile, Raizel enters the sacred resting place of the previous Lord and changes into his noble attire. With the advance of his steps Rai meets the hostility of the current Lord. Gejutel warns the Lord to not attack him but is ignored. As Kei approaches Rai on the Lord's order, he is encountered by Rai's dense aura and falls under his powerful mind control. Seeing this, the other clan leaders try to help Kei but Rai uses mind control over them too. Unable to move, Kei watches as Rai passes him.

Gejutel then explains the hierarchy system in Nobles: The Nobles have great respect for two authoritarian figures, one is the Lord who symbolizes authority and another is a mysterious figure, who symbolizes power and exists only as a knowledge to the Lord and Clan leaders. The mysterious figure is The Noblesse, the being with strength above all others, who wields it to protect the nobles - Cadis Etrama di Raizel.

Rai advances towards the Lord and greets her, having met after a long time.

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