Karias arrives with Regis on his shoulder in the throne room, dreading to find Gejutel with the Lord but is welcomed by an empty chamber. He ponders where the others can be. Meanwhile, the atmosphere in the shrine shows no sign of lacking the tension of the upcoming clash. The Lord, despite Gejutel's revelation about Rai's identity, still holds Rai in the semblance of a traitor who has abandoned his responsibilities as Noblesse. She also reminds him that the entry of a traitor is forbidden in this sacred place. Rai, choosing not to hearken to the Lord's words, simply asks Gejutel what he is doing. The Lord replies for that. Then Kei, Rozaria and Ludis bring out their soul weapons, shaking off from the mind control. Kei approaches Rai for a fight. To their surprise, the Lord invites Cadis Etrama Di Raizel in a duel. She gets her sword ready and asks Rai to draw out his soul weapon too. In order to show proper courtesies, Rai slides off his earring along with a silver chain. Gejutel explains that unlike the nobles, Rai's soul weapon does not have material form. The earring is a seal binding his mighty power. The combination of his noble blood and very own soul is his soul weapon. With the removal of the seal, Rai lets out an enormous flow of power that shakes the whole castle and releases a large ray of light. Frankenstein recognizes this power and dashes towards its source. The others in the vicinity follow him.

The Lord creates a blood field with her sword and directs it towards Rai. To everyone's utter astonishment, he doesn't move and the blood field gets extinguished without leaving a scratch on him. Seeing the blood field created by the Lord's Ragnarok, Rai finds it lacking power. Then he creates a blood field outmatching hers in terms of power. The others watch as the two governors of blood display their power, acknowledging Rai as the stronger. In the end, Rai offers the Lord to try again.

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