Frankenstein speeds up now that his master has removed his seal. Rajak follows wondering if that immense aura of power belongs to the person from just before. At the shrine, the one-sided battle goes on. Kei wonders how Raizel can fight with the Lord so effortlessly while the Lord goes for another failing attempt. Rai notices that she is fighting hesitantly and instructs the shield and guardian of the Lord : Ludis Mergas to protect the shrine. The Lord, being worried about the shrine, has been reluctant to use her full powers. Had this fortification been delayed, the shrine would have been destroyed due to the conflict of powers. After Ludis puts up a strong barrier, the Lord charges Rai with an attack stronger than before. However, the Lord wasn't the only one holding back. Rai, even mightier than before, simply diminishes the attack. Then he keeps on telling her to try again and again. She does so, exerting more power with each attack which stretches the defense of Ludis' shield to the breaking point. Rozaria lends him a hand to strengthen the barrier. The continuous power charges go on when all on a sudden, Frankenstein enters urging to stop. At this, Rai turns back at him and smiles sorrowfully. Then he asks her the reason for hastiness and distrust on Ragnarok. He explains that in order to reveal her true power, she needs to trust her soul weapon completely and become united with it which will also compel the blood and soul to heed her will. 'The Lord' is a being who rules with power that is manifest in the knowledge that she reigns over everything in the world. But Rai remarks that her resolution as Lord is wavering, rendering her power incomplete. At this, the Lord summons all her powers to create another blood field and attacks. The barrier shatters and the whole castle rumbles.

This time, Rai evades the attack and compliments that even for her father, it would have been difficult to produce such level of power with an incomplete Ragnarok. Rai says that if it had been the complete Ragnarok, he would not have been able to face her attacks and block them head-on. While the others stare in astonishment; Rai, deciding that it is high time, conjures the complete Ragnarok and gives it to the Lord, saying: "Remember this well. You...are the Lord."

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