In the mansion, Raizel, having put on the earring (the other of the pair given by the previous Lord), relates to Frankenstein that he does not intend to go to the shrine(i.e. another slumber). While having his cup of tea, he asks Frankenstein if 'it' happened again during the fight with Rajak and receives an affirmation. Suddenly they are intruded upon by Tao, Takeo, M-21, Regis and Seira. Frankenstein is taken by surprise as he's sure that no intrusion in the area can occur without his acknowledgement. Tao admits that he is the one who made the change in the system. Almost everyone of the intruders try to behave respectfully in front of such powerful and elegant people, with the exception of M-21, who (as he happens to be comfortable in any situation) asks for a change of clothes. Tao rummages through Takeo's metal bag and finds clothes. But in the process, some unexpected things drops from the bag, causing a stir of such magnitude that Rai has to turn his head and stare at them. What else can they be but packets of Ramen: a food missed the most when overseas! Frankenstein loses no time in announcing dinner time.

Regis and Seira are also excited in preparing the favorite food of the Noblesse. M-21 and Takeo soon finds themselves in aprons and gloves. Frankenstein appreciates Tao's talents when suddenly they feel an explosion. It is no ordinary explosion. It so happens that the previous clash between Rai and the Lord provided a momentary weakness in the barrier of Lukedonia which renders it visible to human eyes. A fleet of the Union (8th Fleet under the command of the 12th Elder) took the chance and charged into Lukedonia. This news reaches the ears of both Dr. Crombel and the Lord. The latter commands Ludis to go there personally and make the humans pay for the invasion while the other awaits remarkable results.

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