Suyi is at work, busy with a photoshoot, when Shinwoo and the rest of the gang show up at the studio and liven things up. Quickly they establish themselves as more than just typical high-school students when Shinwoo helps in lifting a carrying case like it was a Kleenex box when a stage hand could barely handle it. Ikhan, for his part, notices that there is some trouble with the computers in the studio so he leaps to the keyboard and shows off his own skills. The set director instantly warms to the group tells a slightly embarrassed Sui that her friends are "pretty cool".

A new character then comes in, a model and celebrity named Lee Young In, with a personality about as warm as an iceberg at the south pole. Despite showing up late herself, she wastes no time in chastising Sui for her friends' presence until the director steps in and politely shuts her up. Then the photo shoot begins in earnest and during a break the Young In asks Sui why all her friends are so "tacky".

Naturally, the Seira and Regis pick that moment to walk in, the latter asking what "tacky" means (having heard it with his superior hearing). Lee Young-In is faced by two nobles, their appearance disconcerting her thoughts. As she recovers from the initial shock, Raizel walks in, and once more becomes unsettled. Rai promptly sits down in a chair prop Regis prepared while Lee Young In is unable to do anything but stand there in stunned silence as Regis asks where the woman Shinwoo talked about wanting to see all day is.

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