At home where the whole gang is having a relaxing evening of eating Seira's home cooked meals, Shinwoo brings up the idea of playing some of the board games Ikkan brought and suggests they use forehead flicking as punishment. This "forehead flicking" concept intrigues Regis and Seira. And, as Shinwoo is explaining it to Regis, an impressively loud "GONG" sound echos out from the general vicinity of Seira who is standing there trying, very unsuccessfully, to look innocent. Tao, who is standing behind her, notices that behind her back she is holding a frying pan with a hole in the center of it. So he quickly jumps in and helps make some excuses. Seira stands there looking embarrassed as Frankenstein stares at a small hole in his beloved ceiling where presumably a piece of frying pan was sent into orbit.

The scene shifts to the agents. They meet with a scientist who addresses them both by name, Na Yonsu and An Sangeen. He monitors the condition of their bodies. He also warns them that above all else, their existence must remain secret from the Union. So that the Union does not learn that their agency, which is presumably part of the Korean government, has been researching human modification without notifying them. He then informs them that the director wants to meet them and sends them on their way.

The pair head up to their Director's office and meet him. He assigns them a recruitment mission, which is apparently out of the ordinary for them - they are sent to examine the possible recruit candidates. He hands them a packet inside which is the information on the candidates. Two familiar faces are revealed in the candidates' pictures - Shinwoo and Ikhan.

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