The principal assigns jobs of teaching Social Studies and P.E. to Yonsu and Sangeen respectively, so that they can examine the students undercover. He asks them which of his students are the probable candidates but Sangeen covers that up diplomatically. When the temporary teachers set out for their assigned tasks, the headmaster understands that those guys haven't come to investigate his school. Sangeen, observes Shinwoo, who hasn't participated in any official P.E. activities but universities with P.E. courses have targeted him as No.1 candidate. Shinwoo doesn't leave a good impression on Sangeen as he's taking a nap in class as usual. Sangeen directs his attention towards Ik-han who's a computer genius, member of MENSA as well as an unofficial hacker. Sangeen notes this class has interesting students, seeing the foreigners like: Seira and Regis. However, another student catches his attention - Raizel. Sangeen doesn't know what to think of him. While he has been teaching, his every movement is tracked by Tao on the end of monitor screens. Takeo is watching Yonsu who's the P.E. teacher. She doesn't find Shinwoo that energetic (coincidentally, he stayed up at night playing games and didn't eat since dinner time). Later, Sangeen and Yonsu discuss about their findings while Tao meets up with them to say hi. He gave them soft drinks and observed how they opened the cans. Both of them showed good control over their strength. At Frankenstein's house, Tao lets everyone know what he thinks of the two newcomers. Every detail is well managed and they are acting flawlessly. However, he finds it suspicious that they don't have any information about their previous work experience in the government data which means they are hiding something and it's not the average government job that they are doing. Tao and Takeo have failed to figure out which students they have been observing in particular. Meanwhile, Yonsu and Sangeen are just as clueless about who created the explosion as the other side is ignorant about them. Yonsu is enraged having to watch kids rather than investigating the explosion. Little does she know, she's so close to truth.

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